Humberstone Peggy 1918 — family tree entry
Looking back
given names:Peggy Mary
goes by:Peggy
places of action:Boyle (Alberta, Canada)
date of birth:1918-07-11
place of birth:London
date of death:1991-03-14
place of death:Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

married to:Raaflaub Stanley 1915
date of marriage:1938-02-10
children:Raaflaub Donna 1938
Raaflaub Arthur 1940
Raaflaub Hazel 1943
Raaflaub Lawrence 1948
Raaflaub Linda 1954

sources:Raaflaub (1977II), S. 121
Boyle (1982), S. 324–327, 519–522, 693, 736

tree view:relatives of Humberstone Peggy 1918