Looking back

Where does the Raaflaub family originate from?
The Raaflaub family originates from Saanen, canton of Berne (Switzerland). The name is mentioned for the first time in the Vanel rent-rolls; its meaning is unknown. The family tree can be traced back almost to the beginning of the Saanen baptismal and marriage registers in 1557. The first known date is the baptism of Stephan Raaflaub on 9 August 1562.

Sources: Marti-Wehren (1955II), p. 85; Friedli (1927), p. 376; Marti-Wehren (1945), p. 156.

What kind of information can be found?
The family tree includes all persons with the name Raaflaub and lists their complete name, dates of birth, baptism and death, as well as their parents, brothers and sisters, spouse, and children. As far as possible, we mentioned the places of action and the occupation, too. In some cases we also listed obituaries, encyclopedia entries and personal websites.

How can I search the family tree?
There are three starting points:
  1. Find a person lets you look for names or dates.
  2. The index of names contains all persons recorded in alphabetical order.
  3. You can also start with the ancestor.

Every family tree entry contains links to the parents, the brothers and sisters, the spouse, and the children. The link "relatives of ..." leads you to an outline of the person's relations.

Clicking on the family coat of arms, however, always leads back to this introduction.

What's next?
We would like to invite all interested members of the Raaflaub family to participate in keeping the family tree up to date and to inform us about corrections and additions. That way, we hope to develop the family tree and to keep it always on the most up-to-date level. Please write to our contact address indicated! Thank you very much!

Persons recorded: 1629
Last modification of the database: 2023-04-08