Reinhart Anna 1882 — family tree entry
Looking back
given names:Anna Louise
goes by:Anna
places of action:Chapman, Magnetawan (Ontario, Canada)
date of birth:1882-11-06
place of birth:Chapman (Ontario, Canada)
date of death:1968-02-24
place of burial:Community Cemetery, Chapman (Ontario, Canada)

married to:Raaflaub Alfred 1874
date of marriage:1903-06-11
children:Raaflaub Switzer 1904
Raaflaub Edna
Raaflaub Elmer 1908
Raaflaub Howard 1910
Raaflaub Walter 1912
Raaflaub Bertha
Raaflaub Leonard
Raaflaub Harvey
Raaflaub Ruth

sources:Raaflaub (1977II), S. 98

tree view:relatives of Reinhart Anna 1882