Raaflaub Rhodella 1914 — family tree entry
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given names:Rhodella Lavina
goes by:Rhodella
places of action:Toronto, Pembroke (Ontario, Canada)
date of birth:1914-04-28
place of birth:Magnetawan (Ontario, Canada)
date of death:2004-11-30
place of death:Pembroke (Ontario, Canada)
date of burial:2004-12-03
place of burial:Wesley United Cemetery, Pembroke (Ontario, Canada)

father:Raaflaub Alphons 1872
mother:Schade Phillippine 1879
siblings:Raaflaub Reinhold 1898
Raaflaub Clarence 1899
Raaflaub Gladys Alena 1901
Raaflaub Garfield 1902
Raaflaub Lincoln 1904
Raaflaub Freda 1906
Raaflaub Orma 1908
Raaflaub Elva 1910
Raaflaub Delphine 1912
Raaflaub Olen 1918

married to:Thrasher Everett 1912
date of marriage:1939-09-21

sources:Raaflaub (1977II), S. 96
Mitteilungen, Ken Raaflaub

tree view:relatives of Raaflaub Rhodella 1914