Raaflaub Elsa 1942 — family tree entry
Looking back
given names:Elsa Maria
goes by:Elsa
places of action:Gruben (Saanen)
date of birth:1942-07-19
date of death:2018-09-03
date of burial:2018-09-12
place of burial:Saanen

father:Raaflaub Wilhelm
mother:Reuteler Anna Luise
siblings:Raaflaub Erika 1935
Raaflaub Margrith
Raaflaub Frieda Adele 1937

married to:Reuteler Hans Ulrich
date of marriage:1964-10-24
children:2 daughters, 1 son

sources:Romang (1959)
AvS, 2018-10-16, S. 11
AvS, 2018-08-07, S. 2

tree view:relatives of Raaflaub Elsa 1942