Raaflaub Louis 1886 — family tree entry
Looking back
first name:Louis
date of birth:1886
date of death:1892
place of burial:Burk's Falls (Ontario, Canada)

father:Raaflaub Alfred 1864
mother:Gerber Lina 1865
siblings:Raaflaub Alfred 1885
Raaflaub William
Raaflaub Emma 1890
Raaflaub Ludwig 1892
Raaflaub Ida 1894
Raaflaub May
Raaflaub Lillian 1898
Raaflaub Manford 1902
Raaflaub Nellie
Raaflaub Mildred

sources:Raaflaub (1977II), S. 70–71

tree view:relatives of Raaflaub Louis 1886