Raaflaub Christian 1843 — family tree entry
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first name:Christian
places of action:Gruben (Saanen), Chapman (Ontario, Canada)
date of birth:1843-04-12
place of birth:Saanen
date of death:1908-03-03
place of death:Chapman (Ontario, Canada)
place of burial:Old Lutheran Cemetery, Port Carmen (Ontario, Canada)
Erster Kanada-Aufenthalt:1876-1877?

father:Raaflaub Ulrich 1809
mother:Romang Anna Maria 1810
siblings:Raaflaub Johannes 1832
Raaflaub Ulrich 1835
Raaflaub Emanuel 1838

married to:Sumi Louise 1842
date of marriage:1870-03-31
children:Raaflaub Louise 1870-1948
Raaflaub Alphons 1872
Raaflaub Alfred 1874
Raaflaub Freda 1879
Raaflaub Christian 1881
Raaflaub Aline

sources:Census (1901), S. 11
Raaflaub (1977II), S. 89
Magee (1991), S. 96
Mitteilungen, Walter Raaflaub-von Lerber
Mitteilungen, Ken Raaflaub

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