Hauswirth Martha 1881 — family tree entry
Looking back
first name:Martha
places of action:Moosfang (Saanen)
date of birth:1881-03-19
date of death:1950-02-28

married to:Raaflaub Arnold 1880
date of marriage:1905
children:Raaflaub Alfred 1905
Raaflaub Marie 1907
Raaflaub Fritz 1909
Raaflaub Arnold
Raaflaub Emil
Raaflaub Maria
Raaflaub Hermann 1915
Raaflaub Emma 1918
Raaflaub Ida
Raaflaub Emma
Raaflaub Frieda

sources:Lerber (1958III)

tree view:relatives of Hauswirth Martha 1881