Raaflaub Hans Emanuel 1928 — family tree entry
Looking back
given names:Hans Emanuel
goes by:Hans
places of action:Bern, Spiegel bei Bern
date of birth:1928-07-16
date of death:2016-11-27
place of death:Spiegel bei Bern
date of burial:2016-12-06

father:Raaflaub Hugo 1896
mother:Bächtold Hedwig 1906
siblings:Raaflaub Ulrich 1935
Raaflaub Therese

married to:Stalder Ruth 1927
date of marriage:1955
children:Raaflaub Hugo 1956

married to:Behringer Sylvia 1939
date of marriage:II
children:Raaflaub Ursula

sources:Lerber (1958II)
Hinkender Bot, 2018, S. 90

tree view:relatives of Raaflaub Hans Emanuel 1928