Raaflaub Christian 1729 — family tree entry
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first name:Christian
places of action:Oberes Port (Saanen)
date of baptism:1729-10-09
date of death:1819-09-30
date of burial:1819-10-04
place of burial:Saanen

father:Raaflaub Christian 1687
mother:Annen Barbara
siblings:Raaflaub Magdalena 1740

married to:Frautschi Katharina 1757
date of marriage:II 1777-11-12
children:Raaflaub Christian 1780–1867
Raaflaub Katharina 1781
Raaflaub Johannes 1783
Raaflaub Johann Jakob 1785
Raaflaub Emanuel 1788
Raaflaub Maria Magdalena 1789
Raaflaub Anna Maria 1792

sources:Lerber (1958V)
StAB, N Marti-Wehren 50: B├╝rger-Register des Distrikts Sanen 1798 (Abschrift)
KB Saanen, Band 31, S.102

tree view:relatives of Raaflaub Christian 1729