Raaflaub Jean 1902 — family tree entry
Looking back
given names:Johann Robert
goes by:Jean
places of action:Moutier
date of birth:1902-05-24
date of death:1965-06-02
place of death:Moutier
date of burial:1965-06-05
place of burial:Cimetière de Chalières (Moutier)
occupations:Industriel (Raaflaub SA, boîtes de montres), conseiller municipal, alpiniste

father:Raaflaub Robert 1873
mother:Stampfli Marie-Bertha 1875
siblings:Raaflaub Mariette 1901
Raaflaub Robert 1905
Raaflaub Colette 1914

married to:Marion Marguerite
date of marriage:1929
children:Raaflaub Jean-Pierre 1929
Raaflaub Micheline
Raaflaub Olivier

sources:Lerber (1958II)
L'Express, 1965-06-03, p. 6
L'Impartial, 1965-06-04, p. 31

newspaper articles:✝ M. Jean Raaflaub. 1965-06-04, S.17

tree view:relatives of Raaflaub Jean 1902