von Siebenthal Maria 1750 — family tree entry
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surname:von Siebenthal
first name:Maria
places of action:Moosfang (Saanen)
date of baptism:1750-10-07
date of death:nach 1798

married to:Raaflaub Johannes 1744
date of marriage:1776
children:Raaflaub Johannes 1778 (Sohn des Johannes 1744)
Raaflaub Christian 1780–1805
Raaflaub Maria 1782
Raaflaub Susanna 1784
Raaflaub Ulrich 1786
Raaflaub Abraham 1791
Raaflaub Johann Jakob 1795
Raaflaub Johann Peter 1798

sources:Lerber (1958II)

tree view:relatives of von Siebenthal Maria 1750