Raaflaub Adolf 1868 — family tree entry
Looking back
first name:Adolf
places of action:Rüti (Saanen)
date of birth:1868-11-05
date of death:1930-02-28

father:Raaflaub Johannes 1838
mother:Hauswirth Magdalena 1845
siblings:Raaflaub Magdalena 1870
Raaflaub Emil 1871
Raaflaub Emilie 1873
Raaflaub Emma 1880
Raaflaub Adele 1881
Raaflaub Arnold 1881–1932
Raaflaub Sophie 1885

married to:Müllener Maria Anna 1860
date of marriage:1896
children:Raaflaub Maria
Raaflaub Ida 1899

sources:Lerber (1958I)

tree view:relatives of Raaflaub Adolf 1868