Raaflaub Anna 1620 — family tree entry
Looking back
given names:Anna
date of baptism:1620-03-12
place of baptism:Saanen

father:Raaflaub Christian 1586
mother:von Siebenthal Katharina
siblings:Raaflaub Barbara 1612
Raaflaub Barbara 1613
Raaflaub Christian 1615
Raaflaub Stefan 1616
Raaflaub Stefan 1617 (Sohn des Christian)
Raaflaub Hans 1619
Raaflaub Abraham 1623
Raaflaub Wilhelm 1629
Raaflaub Ulrich 1632

married to:Annen Peter
date of marriage:1644-08-14
children:4 daughters, 2 sons

married to:Wehren Peter
date of marriage:1664-06-06

sources:KB Saanen, Bd. 4, S. 164

tree view:relatives of Raaflaub Anna 1620