Raaflaub Henri Amédé Narcisse Eugène 1897 — family tree entry
Looking back
given names:Henri Amédé Narcisse Eugène
places of action:Dijon (France)
date of birth:1897-07-15
place of birth:Dijon (France)
date of death:1941-10-20
place of death:Couches-les-Mines [Couches] (Saône-et-Loire, France)
mother:Raaflaub Clementine Elise 1866
siblings:Raaflaub Rosalie Narcisse 1886
Raaflaub Adrienne Marie 1888
Raaflaub Paul Emmanuel 1889
Raaflaub Julia Valérie 1891
Raaflaub Suzanne Edmée Elise 1893
Raaflaub Henri Edouard 1895
Raaflaub (Borne) Théodore Arthur 1899
Raaflaub (Borne) Paul Emmanuel 1902
Raaflaub (Borne) Adrien Edouard 1903

married to:Brulebeaux Charlotte Victorine Jeanne 1898
date of marriage:1919-08-30

sources:Mitteilungen, J.C. Borne

tree view:relatives of Raaflaub Henri Amédé Narcisse Eugène 1897