Raaflaub Heinrich Alfons 1881 — family tree entry
Looking back
given names:Heinrich Alfons
places of action:Les Diablerets
date of birth:1881-10-13
place of birth:Trom (Saanen)

father:Raaflaub Eduard 1848
mother:Schwenter Elise 1858
siblings:Raaflaub Elise
Raaflaub Johann Emanuel 1884
Raaflaub Eduard 1885
Raaflaub Bertha (des Eduard)
Raaflaub Edmund
Raaflaub Karl-Edmund
Raaflaub Christian 1890
Raaflaub Ulrich
Raaflaub Robert
Raaflaub Maria Sophie 1894
Raaflaub Maria Sophie 1895
Raaflaub Maria Martha
Raaflaub Arnold 1898
Raaflaub Albert Reinhold

sources:Lerber (1958V)
Raaflaub (1929), S. 3
Täglicher Anzeiger Thun, 1881-11-04, S. 2

tree view:relatives of Raaflaub Heinrich Alfons 1881