Raaflaub Hanna 1956 — family tree entry
Looking back
first name:Hanna
places of action:Latterbach (Erlenbach im Simmental)
date of birth:1956-02-09
place of birth:Turbach (Saanen)
date of baptism:1956-05
place of baptism:Saanen

father:Raaflaub Alfred 1925
mother:Balmer Margaritha 1927
siblings:Raaflaub Margrit 1952
Raaflaub Martha Erika 1954
Raaflaub Elsbeth 1959
Raaflaub Emanuel 1962
Raaflaub Ruth Katharina 1966

married to:Hehlen Gottlieb 1952
date of marriage:1976-11-26
children:1 daughter, 2 sons

sources:Lerber (1958V)

tree view:relatives of Raaflaub Hanna 1956