Raaflaub Jakob 1835 — family tree entry
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first name:Jakob
places of action:Saanen
date of birth:1835-07-15
date of death:1911-12-05

father:Raaflaub Abraham 1791
mother:Schwitzgebel Susanna 1806
siblings:Raaflaub Susanna Katharina 1817
Raaflaub Abraham 1818
Raaflaub Johannes 1819
Raaflaub Friedrich 1822
Raaflaub Emanuel 1824 (des Abraham)
Raaflaub Christian 1832
Raaflaub Louise 1839

married to:Bach Maria 1843
date of marriage:I

married to:von Siebenthal Elisabeth 1857
date of marriage:II 1898-12-29

sources:Lerber (1958III)

tree view:relatives of Raaflaub Jakob 1835