Raaflaub Ernst 1934 — family tree entry
Looking back
given names:Ernst Johannes
goes by:Ernst
places of action:Riedacker (Guggisberg), Zwieselberg, Thun
date of birth:1934-12-10
place of birth:Grund (Saanen)
date of death:2016-08-20
place of death:Thun
date of burial:2016-08-26
place of burial:Amsoldingen
occupations:Lehrer, Beamter

father:Raaflaub Ernst 1894
mother:Reuteler Marie Emilie 1898
siblings:Raaflaub Walter 1930
Raaflaub Marie-Luise 1931
Raaflaub Monika 1939

married to:Siegenthaler Marianne 1940
children:Raaflaub Martin 1965 (des Ernst)
Raaflaub Susanna 1968
Raaflaub Lukas 1971
Raaflaub Walter 1973

Romang (1959)
AvS, 2016-08-26, S. 2
AvS, 2016-09-30, S. 6

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